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              Another Dimension in Resource Recovery
Tony, Ralph and Crunch-Off Contestants is the official support page for impact style, Competition Can-Crushing.
(Pictures from recent competition can crushing activity in Minneapolis Minnesota: Earth Day meets Art-O-Mat

Season opens Feb. 2011, so start saving cans!!

          Can Art!    ...Save Space!!    ...Score Big!!!    ...Have Fun!!!

Break out a pack of clean Game-Cans and head to the impact zone to bag a winning "trophy". Unleash your hounds!! Sound the bugle!! The hunt begins!!

Good can crushing technique calls on a trained application of force. Each player tests their ability to crush an aluminum can and meet official game criteria. Brute force is NOT the issue. But of course... practice is a virtue.

This is the "Ultimate Can Crushing" event. Crush your "game-can" produce a "trophy can". Now score your "trophy" following the 3 criteria for a competitively crushed can: compression, rim alignment and stratification (see layer count).

Played as a contest, the game requires little athletic ability and plays on an equal basis with men and women across age groups.

  • How To Play
  • Select your Game-Can carefully
  • Center the Game-Can in the strike zone
  • Stand close to the competition can crusher & balance your weight
  • Smoothness and speed are most important, Relax!!
  • Strike the Game-Can quickly and plan your follow though
Methods of Use
The game is flexible and effective in a variety of settings. Use it to generate enthusiasm as you combine personal recognition with fundamental respect for the environment. This is art. This is craft. This is fun. And it is fast!!

  • Capture Attention & Open New Markets
  • Develop Public Image & Identity
  • Introduce Creative Alternatives
  • Make Work: Fun
  • $$FUN D Raising!!
  • Schedule an Event
  • Sponsor a Team or Join the League
  • Become a TrophyCan Game Referee
  • Do Something Now, Contact Us!!
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