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TrophyCanTM Game Hands-on action game for individuals and groups; it plays on an equal footing with men and women across various age groups. Players celebrate the recovery of each Game-Can. The TrophyCan game is “Recreational Recycling”.

We entertain the idea that each “Game-can” played is like saving a life,
since we give each “tournament Game-can” a new lease on life.

PerfectCanTM Program The PerfectCan program extends beyond the classroom -into the home and community, -expanding your theater of operations. Prior to tournaments, your supporters prepare and re-package "perfect tournament game cans" for the next event.

Perfect cans are clean, dry, empty, and flawless (with pull-tab connected)... no dings, dents, wrinkles or crud. We outline methods and develop handling techniques. The PerfectCan program defines a return path for aluminum beverage cans.
You can also buy "Perfect Cans" from those in need and willing to work.

In this way, your used beverage cans assume new "super identities". They become products in their own right. Claiming Value from Neglect!!

Program Usage The "Art" of competition can crushing is a simple physical element (with depth). It is something we "Can-Do"... We also score the activity, so it does matter!! Competition grabs attention, right now, to get your public actively challenged and creatively involved.
Technical Turning to science: TrophyCan game is a playful study in the physics of constructive collision. We develop technical observation skills and connect these skills to a scoring metric, (a "point system" based on documented structures). We apply clear descriptive language to the classification, nomenclature and characteristics of each structure.

The game is a systematic approach to secondary materials handling and re-use.
And Its Fun!!

NPO's Looking for a NEW Fundraiser
Ecology Groups
Member supported
Health & Humanity
Scouting Organizations
Sustainable Development
Energy Initiatives
Non-Profit Organizations
Eco Awareness
Political Action
Community Groups

The chances are: You know someone with a fundraising mission.

WHO?? In our fundraising program; The "Who" is you -
              "Who Needs the Money? ...Crush the Can!!".
So, Let the games begin!!     And earn a bonus, making it fun!!
TrophyCan Game Association works with NPOs developing "face-to-face" community outreach activities that boost membership, increase participation, and generate income.

            Meet your constituents : Meet your goals

Typical short day events earn up to $500 in contestant entry fees alone. Tickets and pre-sales will more than double that amount. Benefits increase when you link content with can-drives, donation, membership, and merchandising. Other revenue strategies build on sponsorships, advertising, and underwriting.

And don't overlook the value for recycled aluminum beverage cans. Put your "can drive" in the fast lane. See how participation and volume increase as entertainment value triggers interest.       Bring out your cans.....

  Put the message out, Make it stay, Make it Fun
Make it Pay
5¢ & 10¢   - What about Container Deposit Legislation??
Rest assured, the crushed aluminum beverage can is completely recyclable.
True, many state buy-back centers do not refund deposits for crushed cans.
Recently the Great State of New York has accepted properly accounted container deposit cans from TrophyCan Game Association fundraising activities.
Otherwise, as a fundraising medium, income earned in contestant entry fees far exceeds state redemption value. And what becomes of your crushed container... Well, after extracting the FUN from it, the used beverage can is Recycled, of course.
Example: 100 cans at 5¢ each worth $5.00 : compare to $100.00 earned when you Recycle and Re-use the same 100 "game-cans" in a TrophyCan Game event at $1.00 a play.

    Sidenote... The majority of cans collected in a can drive are recycled "as is" for full state deposit redemption value... only a lucky few get smashed!!!

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Political Asperations
No more canned speeches please!!
Let's Make Political Fundraising FUN!!!
Take Defining Political Action
    Can the Incumbent
    Crush the Competition
    A new "Can-did" approach to get out the vote
        May the Best Can Win
...make your donation; then try our polling machine?
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