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Competition Can Crusher
Model C7 Can Crusher Model C9 The "C9", our most portable design, is easy to handle in lively crowds and tight spaces. Close adherence to technical specifications makes the "C9" unit a hit at any CrunchOff event. Whenever possible, we build our products using high quality recycled hardwood stock. Many rams have known former lives in post, beam and balaster of old century construction.

Model C9 Competition Can Crusher ............... $795.00
Model G Can Crusher Model G01 -While some model G equipment is still in the channel, the G series competition can crusher is not readily available. The triple grasp ram took form on the "G" series can crusher. Due to the excellent performance characteristics of this model, a new modified "Gx" design is planned for future seasons.

Model G Competition Can Crusher ............... $1234.56
Model S Can Crusher Model S01 - "S" series Competition Can Crusher is available by special order only. The "S" series features a solid hardwood, hand carved figurehead ramming assembly produced and signed by the original artist. No two units are the same. Anticipate a longer than usual wait time for this special order item.

Model S Competition Can Crusher ............... $1492.00
Model O3 Competition Can Crusher Model OC3- available as a key critical parts kit with flexible and adaptable "DIY" plans that step you through the process of building your own unit, using our professional quality ram head, crunchpad, and face plate. This kit includes the official Gonogo gauge and rule primer.

Model OC3 Plan & Parts Kit ............... $20.20

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Rule Book
Official Referee Guide
A complete set of pocket sized "rule cards" designed for: impact zone official referees, players, and spectators at "impact style" competition can crushing events. Rule cards are highly illustrated. Each frame details a fundamental process, judging technique, or rule of play. The focused modular design of the text bridges the information gap putting to rest many popular misconceptions.

The "Official Referee's Guide" includes a GONOGO Gauge. for scoring the competitively crushed can.

Find the winning trophy using our Illustrated Rule Cards. The 2008 edition "Official Referee's Guide", is published by TrophyCan Game Association and available in "swing ring" card format only. (Quantity pricing available).

Impact Style 2008 Players Guide ....................... $5.00

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Gonogo Gauge


Measure the winning Trophy (can)!!
The GONOGOTM Gauge is the Official measurement tool used to score competitively crushed cans in all TrophyCanTM Game events. The gauge is calibrated for Hi-Go, Low-Go, No-Go and Hi Stacking Low Compression. Precision die-cut card stock gauge with "quick-call" instructions.

Gonogo Gauge ............... $7.77

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poster banner
TrophyCanTM Game Poster
Definite "Must Have": The poster banner illustrates basic TrophyCanTM Game concepts from stratification of the Standard Trophy and Dynamic Blowout to Rim Fouls, Side Fouls, and Compression Fouls. Images are screened on a large sheet of durable vinyl (3 x 4 foot). The banner is heavy duty, yet light weight and easy to handle. Ask about our strong plastic display frame when ordering this item.

Poster Banner ............... $17.76

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award medals
Award Medals
The TrophyCan Game Gold Medal and Silver Medal awards are made from high quality "standard trophy" cans. Each award medal is complete with contestant identification label and "Olympic Style" red, white, and blue neckband ribbon, individually packaged and ready to use.

Award Medal ............... $8.88

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training can
Training Can
The Training-Can allows you to energize the ram for demonstration and training exercises and conserve precious tournament Game-Cans. It is unwise to slam the ram without a Game-Can in place. The Training-Can is a useful tool for coaching players and working with a team. We sometimes call our little shock absorber a CrunchDummy trainer.

Training Can ............... $18.65

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stickers & labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels
The labeling system includes TrophyCanTM Game logo labels and contestant identification labels so you can accurately document competitive performances throughout the event. Multi-colored pre-cut bundles of plastic lace sold separately.

Event Labels with pre-cut string ............... $22.22

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TrophyCanTM Game Tee-Shirt
Currently available in 2 styles, TrophyCanTM Game T-shirts help identify field judging staff and personnel. Choose from the "Adventures of Citizen Can" or the "KRUNCHERTM Game Logo" Tee shirt. Referee and league apparel available to licensed distributors.

Can Crushing Tee Shirt ............... $13

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trophycan machine
TrophyCanTM Machine
The TrophyCanTM Machine is a table top punch that develops mechanical advantage to easily punch a hole in the contestant's Standard Trophy (can)... allowing contestants to display results by wearing their qualifying "Trophy" as a medallion. Hand awls are also available for the purpose.

Big Bore Hand Awl .............. $20.01

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game-can storage box
Game-Can Storage Box
Differentiate Game-Cans from ordinary pickup by using the TrophyCanTM Game storage box. The box is made from corrugated tri-wall board complete with lid. It carries the TrophyCanTM Game message of Recycling. The unit pictured measures 18" x 24" x 30" tall and holds over 200 Game-Cans when fully stocked.

Box of Tournament Game-Cans ............... $50.50

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Trophy, Standard Form
The Standard Trophy
TrophyCan Standard Medal awards ship 6 per pack. These medallions are pre-labeled & ready to use as "Legitimate Substitute for Dynamic Blowout or field judge "standard trophy" medal. Keep a few around for use as handouts, awards & souvenirs.

6 Standard Trophy Medallions ............... $9.99

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Abstract Trophy Form
The Abstract Trophy
TrophyCan Game Abstract designs are sold as individual pieces of TrophyCanTM Game art. Each is unique. We have many to choose from. Select one of our classic designs or contact us with details on a specific request. View Pictures:Pursuit of the Abstract Trophy .

Abstract Trophy ................... $9.72

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