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        Background & History

1st Logo by RReed Early KRUNCHER Game logo by Reed Beginnings ...            
Fundamentals emerged in 1972 as emphasis shifted to smashing and scoring the crushed can. Originally seen as a way to save space the activity quickly became competitive. Contest officials rated competing entries on Stratification, Compression, and Rim (rim alignment). In the spring of 1973 the number of strikes was set: 10 hits for (flat top) 3-piece steel cans and 2 hits for the newer 2-piece aluminum beverage cans.

... 1983
Ten years later the number of strikes moved to 1 hit per aluminum can with development of the Official Competition Can Crusher. Rules were drafted for an Earth Day event in 1983. Event formats streamlined over the next few years with experience gained in a variety of settings: private parties, community festivals, group activities, state campaigns, and national exhibits. The game drew focus in promoting recycling. "Recreation recycling."
Bungy T-shirt design
1983 Tee-Shirt Design by Bungy

The "Official Referee's Manual" covering "Operating Instructions, Rules of Play & Helpful Hints in the Art of Competition Can Crushing" by RF Gardner, published in 1987. The book is a definitive training manual for competition can crushing and served as foundation in development of this web site.

Throughout the early 1990's, Leisure Inventions Inc., licensed distributor of the Kruncher Game product, promoted and scheduled competition can crushing events in cities across the United States. The company manufactured and distributed about 40 competition can crushing systems. Leisure Inventions, Inc., dissolved in 1996. But field operators and owners of the Kruncher Game continued to support their local events. Many legacy Kruncher Game systems continue to function in their respective communities.

In 2002, a group of original founding 'IZO' (Impact Zone Official Referees) met in Traverse City, Michigan. That meeting reopened the Kruncher Game archives and marked beginnings of the TrophyCan Game Association. A revised mission statement developed, building on strengths of competition can crushing to addresses social, political, and economic concerns with positive and constructive programming. "Recreational Recycling"!

"Claim Value from Neglect!!"

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TrophyCan Game Association & Co. website went online in 2002 providing program support, referee training, franchise prospectus, and top quality products to field operators, enthusiasts, amateurs, and industry professionals. Hey marketing folks...
Let's talk about product placement!!

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