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The Trophy

Artrageous Events
In competition can crushing circles, the term "trophy" describes a special kind of competitively crushed can.

A "trophy" is what becomes the Game-Can once it is crushed.

As a competitive medium, the "trophy" is a score card. There are good trophies and bad trophies, and everything in between. The "trophy" is a result. And if your result is good, your "can" will "measure-up" to standards and become your admission to play for gold.

When a couple teenage boys stomp a beverage can and make a game of kicking it around the parking lot, Is this a "trophy"? ... No... Rules governing the act of crushing and scoring the "Game-Can" create the "trophy", a competitively crushed can.

The Contest, Victory, $poils, Decoration and Mounting!

So ask me the question: "What does every trophy (can) want to be when it grows up??"

That's easy. If your trophy "measures-up" you expect it to meet standards, so it can be scored.

The Standard Trophy

Rule Card No. 8, Standard Trophy
The competitively crushed can.

Definition:-An axially compressed can with a minimum 3 layers stratification in any one location, and NO "serious" disqualifying Rim Foul, Side Foul or Compression Foul.

The Standard Trophy, (the ultimate crushed can), graphically illustrates the 3 objective criteria used in scoring:

The "Standard Trophy" speaks to novice players who naively assume that flatter is better. Isn't it?

Foul- High Compression Overload
Flatter is NOT Better
  1. Compression is a factor, but Trophies score chiefly on quantity and quality of Stratification, NOT compression. A severely crushed can is classed as a compression foul known as High Compression Overload (HCO). It carries maximum penalty.

  2. Severely crushed cans compromise stratification by turning inward "inversion"; or they develop an Acute Stratification pattern which is neither easily nor accurately quantified.

  3. Technique affects outcome and scoring is a metric. Flatter neither measures nor meets the standard, so flatter is not better.

  4. Develop abilities with measurable results. Brute force won't get the job done.

  5. Play on an equal basis: men & women, boys & girls.

player wearing trophycan
Physical Record
Save your Can. players retain their qualifying "trophy" following TrophyCan Game competitive formats. In light of this, most players wear the crushed can medallion from a belt loop or as a necklace. It is a badge of accomplishment, a medal, or as we like to say a "Trophy" to the contest at hand.

In strict adherence to Rule 3, Official Tournament Rule;

All finalists must have their qualifying trophy (can), or "Legitimate Earned Trophy" to continue in the competition.

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Rule Card N0. 3  Game-Can
Object of the hunt.

Definition:- a beverage container; Clean, Dry, Empty and Flawless with Pull-Tab connected (usually 12 ounce aluminum).

The Game-Can, a key component of play, is manufactured along tight quality control guidelines. Everyday thousands of beverage cans float down the assembly line in continuous progression. Physical tolerance monitored while cans glide along on a thin cushion of air. Can quality is assured through standardization. But, serious TrophyCanTM game hunters may advise to their preference in label or can manufacturing style with techniques that perform on the KRUNCHPAD. Learn how to hit them.

Never overlook the importance of having a supply of CLEAN Game-Cans on hand. As an event organizer, the Game-Can is ultimately, your responsibility. When you leave this step to others, unsupervised, the alternative could be dirty dented Game-Cans, or no cans at all.

We have experience with almost every conceivable method of Game-Can collection. I prefer the slow steady accumulation method to re-supply Game-Cans between competitive events. Go for cans that are in excellent condition. Other can raising ideas include:

  • The 100:1 Admission method - players with 100 cans play Free
  • Can Trading - Trade the recycler whole cans for smashed cans
  • Bottles for Cans: - ??? Hmmm ...
  • Advertise -"Good Cans Wanted" for Can Crushing Tournament
  • Buy Em - Pay the Going Rate
  • Can Drive: Groups raise cans for Can Crushing Event
  • Network: Ask friends & family to help out
Collection, Inspection: Rinse out empty cans and allow them to dry prior to storing. Until the cans are cleaned and checked for defects and sediment they still live in the litter stream. As a "Rule of Thumb" reject any questionable can from competitive use.

And while recyclers find little difference between beer cans and soft drink cans, some individuals take issue against the use of beer cans, either by themselves or by their children. A suitable mix is a good idea.

GAME-CAN Storage: The TrophyCanTM Games storage box is available from your TrophyCanTM Game Association supplier. The large box is designed for transporting and dispensing clean Game-Cans into play. If the box is randomly filled with Game-Cans it will hold about 180 Game-Cans. But, when Game-Cans are stacked into the same box neatly, in rows, capacity increases by about 20% up to 230 Game-Cans per box. Anticipate rough handling during shipping. Stacked cans build a stronger package. For further protection, stack your final round KRUNCHOFFTM Event Tournament Game-Cans to the center of the package.

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Abstract Trophy

...So "A" stands for Attitude? ... Call me a Looser, Call me a Dropout, a Weirdo, a Freak... WHATEVER!!

      The Abstract Trophy is "an Artist"...

So go ahead and say it Abbie "The Abstract Trophy doesn't measure-up to Stanley, the Standard Trophy (can)."  She never will!! Now tell me why I care? I like it that way!!

Back in the days of the hammer if a player muffed the first strike they could call me, "Abstract". That's how it was then. And now!

The Abstract Trophy is not your everyday "Crushed Can". Rules? Oh!!, we have rules! Shard!! It wasn't that long ago, we played a round of "Cryogenic"...little brittle, and who would have thought ...

But wait a minute. The Abstract Trophy isn't in your competition. In fact, an Abstract Trophy doesn't give a rat about Stanley's Competitive Format.

If you think of something... Why don't you try it?? Check this once... Did Chad ever whack a can full of jello?? And what was he going to name his baby?? Well?   So you got the picture - Now Scoot!! -- Click home.....

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