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National Can2Beat Contest

2005 Top Standing Contestant

Contestant:      Darryl Grizey
Date:      24 Sept, 2005
Location:     Rocklin, CA
Local Score=61, Official Score=65.5
Notes: SLC=8~5, Low-Go, Vertical Pattern (No Fouls), Game-Can was a Coca-Cola product beverage container
Event co-sponsor "Rocklin Roseville Chamber of Commerce
and Artrageous benefit"
Darryl Grizey

Gio Morino Contestant:      Gio Morino
Date:      11 January, 2005
Location:     Lake Tahoe
Local Score=23, Official Score= 26.2
Notes: SLC=3~6, Vertical Pattern, Low Compression @ 1/2 Count with Miller Brewing Company Product Game-Can

2005 National Can2Beat Contest Rules
Contest ends November 15, 2005. All entries must be postmarked/received by TrophyCan Game Association & Co. by November 20, 2005. Winning entry is announced December 20, 2004. Entries must be submitted through a registered TrophyCan Game Association impact zone referee in connection with a registered TrophyCan Game Association League KRUNCHOFF Event, where the challenging "trophy" (can) is witnessed and legal. All entries identified with contestant name, event location, event date, and accompanied by a 2004 National Can2Beat Contest Entry Form. Final tally is computed by 3 independent senior TrophyCan Game Association Officials. Advancing entries appear at, under the link to: 2005 National Can2Beat Contest.

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